About us


revival and development of the trend , of traditional, designer's and eco-friendly toy.
Our toys are a blend of the most essential components :


An eco friendly toy is safe for your kid’s health and environment; knitted fabric from pure cotton is nice and soft to touch and develops your child’s tactile sensitivity


Every toys’ details are embroidered by hand. Every time we create a new and absolutely unique toy, with its own character and charm.


We knit the material for every toy and accessory – in this way we can control the quality of the material and produce new and unique patterns and designs.


We make our toys according to Waldorf principles. The key feature of the toys’ design is simplicity; the child’s imagination can change the emotions of the toy in different play scenarios, which is very important for child’s development.


We control the production safety of our toys at every stage of the process. Our toys comply with the Standard EN 71 (1,2,3 ), and Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/ЕС and are tested in the best and most reliable laboratories of the UK, Germany and Ukraine.


Our history started in 2006, when Andrii Ralchuk launched production of knitted toys from eco friendly materials in Ukraine.
Soft toy or doll very often is the first close friend of a child. Therefore, it is important
that this friend would excite positive emotions.
Realizing this, we pass each model through heart, creating a bright, kind images that will be reach to the heart of both children and adults.
We have designed over 130 unique toy models.
Our toys are best friends of kids in over 30 countries (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Spain, Estonia, Saudi Arabia, Russia etc).

We’re looking for others who share our values and who are interested in our project. .

Freia team