Granberry Doll

Granberry Doll

22.00 $
Art.: 11F121
Height: 22 cm
Waldorf  “Granberry Doll” for babies
Baby-doll is soft, pleasant to touch and flexible. It is very convenient
for small hand of child to grab and hold a toy, that is very important
for developing of the hands of  kid and developing of fine motor skills
in the future! In the nightcap of doll there is a little bell.
Thus, the doll combines two very important toys for baby as rattle and baby-doll.
A toy is handmade by our artisans,so each of toys is unique and full love and care.
IMPORTANT: DO NOT contain small stitched details.
Develops: fine motor skills, tactile sensations

Useful information

It is very comfortable to play with this doll in the crib.
Because the body of doll is not filled tight,
baby can take it into hands, to touch and rattle.
This is important for the development of the child's hands,
fine motor skills and tactile sensations
Children perceive a lot by means of touch.
They touch different surfaces and textures,
like to fall asleep, holding something soft in their
hands. In the nightcap of doll there is a little bell. Thus,
the doll combines two very important toys
for year-old kid as rattle and baby-doll.

Fun with a rattle is a peculiar method of child's communication

with the surrounding world.

At 7 months baby can handle toys in sitting position,

can choose a favourite, can wave it, causing sound.

Baby-doll should be the first doll for one year-old baby.

The toy has a minimum details, that distract.

Parents are involved in the game and with the help

 of baby-doll they with baby train important aspects of game activity,

for example: to feed the doll and put it to bed,

accustom to the potty and praise, using the phrases:

"Oh, well done, you are eating the porridge"
"Oh, clever, take the potty!"
"Please, close your eyes and fall asleep! "
"Oh, what a delicious porridge!"
while not forgetting about the expression of various
 emotions. After all, the child learns to imitate!

A Toy is filled by a hypoallergenic filler (polyester fiber).

It well keeps a form, isn't deformed, doesn't absorb moisture

and odors, are non-flammable, is durable in operation and washings.
Material: linen, cotton, love

Filling material: polyester fiber

made from natural materials
your child will love to pick up, just for the feel of holding them close
Every toy is unique, with its own character and charm
comply with safe the Standard EN 71